Top 7 Best Antivirus Apps for Android in 2020: [ 100% FREE!]

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April 15th, 2020


Last updated on : April 15th, 2020 by S Raange

Top 7 Best Antivirus Apps for Android in 2020: 100% REALLY FREE!| No Free Trial| No Annoying Ads.

Are you looking for the best antivirus apps for your Android smartphone or Android gadgets to protect yourself from current evolving cyber-attacks and threats?.

Believe me, you have landed at the right place and be with us in this brief and informative guide on “ Top 7 Best Antivirus Apps for Android in 2020: [ 100% FREE] “ and I am sure that at the end of the guide you will be able out about the selection of your best antivirus application for your android devices.

"Be vigilant of current emerging cyber threats by selecting the best Android antivirus apps to protect your device and your personal privacy." S.Raange, TechFeral.

Top 7 Best Antivirus Apps for Android in 2020: [ 100% FREE!]
Top 7 Best Antivirus Apps for Android in 2020: [ 100% FREE!]

There are hundreds of Antivirus Labs and Brands or companies are offering free antivirus apps for Android devices or offering a free version of premium antivirus apps. Our team has tested around 40+ antivirus brands available in the market i.e. Play Store and comes with a top seven list of the best antivirus.

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What I found during my tests was that most of them were bogus, ineffective, ad-packed, or not really free. I only found a few antivirus apps that I thought were good.

Are you in a Hurry? Please find the best antivirus app for android devices below:

Summary of the Top 7 best free antivirus apps for Android in 2020:

 1. Bitdefender: No.1 free antivirus for Android devices in 2020. The free version is an extremely lightweight Antivirus app with a big brand name and trust in the cybersecurity field.

2. Avast Mobile Security: It is 100% free with a handful of great features like firewall protection, anti-theft and call blocker, etc. and many more.

3. ESET: It has powerful Virus scans, anti-theft, anti-phishing protection and user-friendly interface, which makes it to 3rd position in our top 7 best antivirus list.

4. McAfee: It has a proactive anti-theft measure, keeping a protective layer to your data privacy with optimum performance and security.

5. Kaspersky: Provides data privacy and protection to your data with good malware, anti-phishing features, simple & elegant UI, etc. and many more.

6. AVG: A decent core antivirus with a handful of features of app lock, wi-fi security scanner, and photo vault to your stored files against most of the malware.

7. Sophos Intercept X: With a special focus on data privacy and protection, On-demand virus and malware scanning," Sophos Intercept X" is the antiques for ultimate protection & security.

Bitter Truth & Fact of Cybersecurity business:

Due to extensive marketing and lack of integrity and ethics in the Antivirus Industry, few cybersecurity companies just want mint money from the antivirus products and services.

Actually, most of the OEMs are less bothered where you’re really protected or not by limiting the best core features, like real-time protection and malware removal. And they forced users to pay for your premium features of antivirus applications.

It is a wise and intelligent decision to invest & buy a low-cost premium antivirus with mobile security if you have a lot of confidential information on your smartphone or tablet. But if you only need basic protection, there is no reason why you should pay money for something that you can get for free.

The parameters of ranking the “Top 7 Best Antivirus Apps for Android in 2020” for your Android Device:

Many readers want to know what are the parameters to measure and rank the antivirus apps for Android phones in our "Top 7 Best Antivirus Apps for Android in 2020". You may find that there are only three parameters we have mainly considered during testing of all android antivirus apps:

⇒ Antivirus Features:

Most of the time some advanced antimalware or antivirus features in antivirus apps are paid and require a subscription. So, we have tested and verified individually all necessary and important features like real-time protection, antitheft and scanning of malware in the listed top 7 antivirus apps.

Antivirus solutions that are without free trial and 100% free has been considered in the list.

⇒ Highly Secure

Our team has only recommended reputable cybersecurity brands and it’s products after extensive testing and real users’ feedback. You may see the extensive testing procedures to ensure the security level, privacy and data protection of the android device.

⇒ Best Performance

we have been tested all listed apps for performance parameters like resource used, efficiency, reporting. Subsequently, the recommendation is made for the antivirus apps which are simple UI, fewer bugs, fast and easy to use.

Top 7 Best Antivirus Apps for Android in 2020: Detailed Review>

Already mentioned above, cybersecurity firms lured customers by a free trial of antivirus products for Android devices. And there is a cath, users generally forget to cancel the subscription before the test ends and you may end up paying for the product.

All of the listed top 7 free antiviruses above are 100% free and genuine and also there is no free trial trap. But for testing purposes you may test the features and performance of mobile antivirus of desired OEMs, a free trial is good to you made the decision for having paid antivirus.

1. Bitdefender Freee Antivirus:

“Best free and lightweight antivirus to have in your Android device.”

Top 7 Best Antivirus Apps for Android in 2020: Bitdefender free antivirus
Top 7 Best Antivirus Apps for Android in 2020: Bitdefender free antivirus

Specification: Min. Android Version: Android 4.1 or above  OS: Android, iOS, Windows.| Ads: Yes| Cost: 100% free.


=> Excellent malware protection.

=> A lightweight app.

=> Inbuilt VPN: 200 MB traffic/day.

=> In-the-cloud malware scanning technology.

=> Good battery performance and a small impact on Phone resources.


=>  No auto scan.

=> No. unlimited VPN option.

There are many free and premium antivirus for android OS, but Bitdefender made it to the #1 position in our list as it has all the most desired features that you should have on your mobile or tablet. It effectively protects Android devices from malware, spyware, and ransomware, viruses, etc.

Bitdefender Antivirus Free has a very simple user interface: launch the app at one go and tap the Scan button. You have to press one button in the antivirus app, the autopilot feature of Bitdefender will automatically scan all your new apps and downloads in real-time.

Though the free version of BitDefender has all the features that you need for the protection of your devices. It has limitation like premium features online account security, theft prevention, or secure browsing tools, is not available in the free Bitdefender application.

Bitdefender Antivirus Free app is an ad-free, in-the-cloud scanning, lightweight, and low battery consumption app with guaranteeing protection.

Get BitDefender  Mobile Security & Antivirus for free at:

2. Avast Mobile Security:

Blocks all potential threats with plenty of additional features like a remote lock or wiping the entire phone, firewall, etc.

Top 7 Best Antivirus Apps for Android in 2020:Avast Mobile Security
Top 7 Best Antivirus Apps for Android in 2020: Avast Mobile Security

Specification: Min. Android Version: Android 5.0 or above  OS: Android, iOS, Windows.|Ads: Yes| Cost: 100% free.


 Plenty of features for free.  

 Cloud-based Scanning. 

 Tracking device’s location

 Lock or wipe all of your device data from remote.

Anti-Theft, Photo Vault, Appl lock, VPN, etc. for free.


 − Too many Ads.

− Anti-theft features are not reliable

Avast Mobile Security made to 2nd position in our list of top 7 best antiviruses not only because it has a big trusted brand name. Actually, it provides plenty of additional security features like a remote lock or wipes the entire phone, firewall, etc along with blocking all potential threats like viruses, malware, etc from infecting your Android mobile, gadgets, devices.

As of now, Avast Mobile Security has more than 100 million downloads for on play store for android devices.

Other notable, additional features in the free version of Avast Mobile Security available for you are firewall, a decent call blocker, and anti-theft measure or remote wipe out the entire phone from remote. Hence, you can erase all sensitive and private data from your phone or devices in case of loss or theft.

It provides the most demanded premium antivirus features “In-app lock” and “anti-theft” free users also.
The free version of “Avast Mobile Security” is 100 % free but it has lots of ads that may sometimes decrease user performance. But you may go for $12 for a premium version.

Get Free Avast mobile antivirus for your android samrphone at:

3. ESET Mobile Security: 

"Get a comprehensive, effective and  easy-to-use interface antivirus app for your Android smartphone with many pro features like powerful Antivirus Engine, Real-Time Scanning, Remote Lock & Siren, etc. for free"

Top 7 Best Antivirus Apps for Android in 2020: ESET Mobile Security

Specification: Min. Android Version: Android 5.0 or above  OS: Android, iOS, Windows.|Ads: No.| Cost: 100% free.


 An Intuitive & user-friendly UI.  

† Best anti-phishing feature. 

† Real-Time Antivirus Scanning.

† Powerful Antivirus Engine.

† Proactive Anti-Theft.


 − No automatic update of the virus database in the free plan.

− Anti-Phishing, Proactive Anti-Theft not included in the free version.

ESET offers many features generously in the free version of "ESET Mobile Security & Antivirus" which included the most important up-to-date Powerful Antivirus Engine to protect you from all potential cyber threats, viruses, trojans, and any other malware.

Other features from ESET that we like during our testing was anti-phishing feature integration with your smartphone browser, User-friendly Interface & App Lock, Remote Lock & Siren, Security Report, etc. Above all features in the free version is enough for safe web browsing and secures from malware and phishing attacks.

Download "ESET Mobile Security & Antivirus" and try for free:

4. McAfee Mobile Security:

Get a powerful mobile security solution for your Android Smartphone that assures a better and secure digital life by protecting you from phishing attacks, WiFi threats, malicious apps.

Top 7 Best Antivirus Apps for Android in 2020: ESET Mobile Security
Top 7 Best Antivirus Apps for Android in 2020: ESET Mobile Security

Specification: Min. Android Version: Android 4.2 or above  OS: Android, iOS, Windows.|Ads: Yes| Cost: Free & paid.


  Real-time malware protection.

† Well optimized for performance and security.

 Real-Time malware scanning.

Good Anti Theft features.


 − WiFi Guard VPN and an adblocker available in premium version only.

− No 24/7 Phone Support, Anti-Phishing features in the free version.

With a powerful security engine, "McAfee Mobile Security" is meant for complete security from viruses, spyware & prying eyes, phishing, malicious apps, and WiFi threats.

McAfee also offers some great premium features like Thief Cam, Remote wiping, GPS location tracking to prevent loss and theft of your device for free.

while Premium features like VPN connection and an ad blocker are not available in the free version which means some time annoying ads can popup in the free version of "McAfee Mobile Security". This antivirus app found to be well optimized for Android devices and costumes lee storage, memory, battery, and data to take care of the performance of your device.

Let's try "McAfee Mobile Security" for your Android smartphone or devices :

5. Kaspersky Mobile Antivirus:

A great free options for Android Smartphone users with strong  malware protection or virus protection.

Top 7 Best Antivirus Apps for Android in 2020: Kaspersky Mobile Security
Top 7 Best Antivirus Apps for Android in 2020: Kaspersky Mobile Security

Specification: Min. Android Version: Android 4.2 and up  OS: Android, iOS, Windows.|App lock: Premium only | Anti-theft: Yes|Ads: No.| Cost: Free & paid.


  Excellent malware protection.

† Location detection.

 No annoying ads in the free version.

Anti Theft feature works.


 − App lock, Anti-phishing and web-filter functions in premium version only.

Kaspersky is one of the reputed cybersecurity labs (20+ yrs experience) and has an excellent 99.99% malware picking up accuracy as suggested by AV-Test’s trials from Jan-2020.

Its free version provides all essential antivirus features like Malware scanning, GPS tracking, Anti-theft, Call Blocking, etc. However, many premium antivirus features like App lock, Anti-phishing, and web-filter functions are paid only and you have to upgrade to a premium plan.

Overall Kaspersky is a good unpaid choice for free users who are looking after essential antivirus for their smartphones that does not show annoying ads.

Let try "Kaspersky Mobile Antivirus" for free:

6. AVG AntiVirus for Android:

Get a feature-packed most popular antivirus app on google play store (100M+) with a bunch pf excellent features like Strong antivirus engine, Anti-Theft Phone Tracker, wi-fi security scanner, photo vault, and app lock, etc for free.

Top 7 Best Antivirus Apps for Android in 2020: AVG Free Antivirus
Top 7 Best Antivirus Apps for Android in 2020: AVG Free Antivirus

Specification: Min. Android Ver.: Android 5.0 and up  OS: Android, iOS, Windows.|App lock: Premium only | Anti-theft: Yes|Ads: No.| Cost: Free & paid.


  Real-time Virus protection.

† Free VPN and encrypted Vault.

 No annoying ads in the free app.

Good anti-theft options.

Optimum battery life and less resource utilization.


 − Device Auto-Lock, Camera Trap, and App Backup features are available in the premium version only.

AVG antivirus app is a features-packed security application for andriod users. It comes with plenty of essential and premium features that effectively protect you from cyber threats, viruses, trojans, and any other potential malware.

The main feature that we like in AVG mobile security solutions is good anti-theft, real-time malware scanner, speed booster, task killer, GPS location tracking, phone locator, app lock, Wi-Fi Scanner, and photo vault, etc. which puts a strong shield around your android device against cyber threats.

However few features like App Lock, Camera Trap, Device Lock, App Backup are available in premium purchase only but I would like to suggest our readers try pro version for free as 30 days trials and then you can stick to the free version.

Let's try AVG antivirus for your android devices for free at:

7. Sophos Intercept X:

"Get the enterprise-level ultimate protection from Shopos's "Intercept X" for your android devices and shield yourself by enabling advanced features like Secure QR Code Scanner, TOTP Authenticator, Intune Mobile Threat Defense (MTD)."- S.Raange, TechFeral

Top 7 Best Antivirus Apps for Android in 2020: Sophos Intercept X
Top 7 Best Antivirus Apps for Android in 2020: Sophos Intercept X

Specification: Min. Android Ver.: Android 5.0 and above, OS: Android, iOS, Windows.|App lock: Yes| Anti-theft: Yes|Ads: No.| Cost: 100% Free.


  Excellent Anti-antivirus & malware protection.

† Free Anti-theft & loss protection.

 Zero ads.

Good Spam protection, Link Checker, Web Filtering.

A lot of advance features like Secure QR Code Scanner, Authenticator, Intune Mobile Threat Defense (MTD) for free.


 −  New Antivirus solution compared to other mobile security solutions like Bitdefender, AVG, Kaspersky.

As claimed by Sophos, It's brand new industry level mobile security solution "Intercept X" assures “advanced levels of protection for the ultimate defense” for your android mobiles. Intercept X is a full security-centric solution that focuses on real-time protection against the latest malware, viruses, online threats for Android devices and the detection of potentially unwanted malicious apps.

It offers all premium features like Anti-Malware protection, Web Filtering, Anti-phishing, App Protection, Wi-Fi Security, Anti-loss and theft protection for free.

During our testing we like Secure QR Code Scanner and TOTP & HOTP based multi-factor authentication which provides additional security feature to your mobile antivirus.

Let's try and secure your android mobile with free "Sophos Intercept X" solution at:

FAQs on Top 7 Best Antivirus Apps for Android in 2020:

Q1. Why do you need an antivirus app for Android devices or smartphone?

Ans: Nowadays your smartphones become a really valuable asset and have much more life. Inbuilt feature of Android OS is not sufficient to protect you from current evolving cyber threats, data privacy breaches, phishing attacks, spam calls and from prying eyes of hackers.

To shield your android deices you need a decent antivirus app that provides peace of mind.

Q2. What are the Best Antivirus Apps for Android in 2020?

Ans: Find the best Antivirus Apps for your Android devices:

  1. Bitdefender: No.1 free antivirus for Android devices in 2020.
  2. Avast Mobile Security: Great features like firewall protection, anti-theft and call blocker, etc.
  3. ESET: powerful Virus scans, anti-theft, anti-phishing protection, and user-friendly interface.
  4. McAfee: Proactive anti-theft measure, performance, and security.
  5. Kaspersky: Good malware, anti-phishing features, simple & elegant UI, etc.
  6. AVG: App lock, wi-fi security scanner, and photo vault.
  7. Sophos Intercept X: Focus on data privacy and protection, On-demand virus and malware scanning.

Q3. How do you tell if you have a virus on your Android Smartphone?

Ans: Install any one Antivirus apps listed above and scan your entire phone. The antivirus scan report will show you the effected areas and apps. But don't worry antivirus will take care and you can have peace of mind.

Q4. Which antivirus app is best among the listed Top 7 Android Antivirus apps?

Ans: I personally recommend you to try "Bitdefender Free Antivirus" ap for your Android device as it has one of the best Antivirus database and engine. It also provides regular updates against current evolving cyber threats and malware.

Q5. Is free Antivirus Mobile Security Solution enough for protecting my smartphone?

Ans: Not all free Android Antivirus solution is ideal for protecting you from all malware and cyber threats. But Antivirus app like Bitdefender, Sophos Intercept X, Avast Mobile Security solution are best free available antivirus apps which are sufficient to protect you from malware, viruses, Trojans, phishing attacks, etc.

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Sources: AV-Test|


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    As a leading-edge cybersecurity company, provides advanced security solutions to consumers, small and large businesses, enterprises, and governments. Security technologies from McAfee use a unique, predictive capability that is powered by McAfee Global Threat Intelligence, which enables home users and businesses to stay one step ahead of the next wave of file-less attacks, viruses, malware, and other online threats.

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