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May 28th, 2021


Last updated on : May 28th, 2021 by R Yadav

We made technology simple!

TechFeral offers you the best of information, lessons and tutorials on technology, from emerging and innovative new companies, to smart and crazy domestic products, revolutionary technologies and information on ICT (information and communications technology).

It began to connect with technology and interesting business with reviews and occasional opinions about everything that happens on this side of the world. Our goal is to offer technology in the simplest way so that everyone can easily understand it.

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If you have comments, concerns or insider information, do not hesitate to pass them to contact@techfeal.com or to the following communities in which TechFeral participates.

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Our team:

Meet the TechFeral team. Below are the people who work hard to provide detailed reports, comments and a daily dose of gadget news for readers around the world.

R Yadav: He loves technology and supervises the entire website and reviews most of the posts. He has a master's degree in science. He is also an established entrepreneur and expert in the field of IT systems and consumer electronics. In addition to technology, he is a fan of movies and hopes to own his own world in the near future.

S Raange: He is a technical expert interested in the field of science, smartphone technology, etc. He has 8+ years IT and consultancy experience in the field of mobile apps, Big Data, Cloud computing, etc. You will often find it browsing the web in search of interesting content (mainly science fiction and technology).

We simplify the technology for you!


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