Cool things you can do with VPN

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May 31st, 2022


Last updated on : May 31st, 2022 by R Yadav

Because of the pandemic, millions of individuals are now working from home. A Virtual Private Network (VPN) has never been more vital than now. VPNs help hide your IP address and encrypt your data. They also protect companies from hackers and guarantee that remote employees and their employers have secure communications.

You may have noticed an increase in the number of online businesses everywhere. Whether it be mystery rooms in Bangalore or clothing stores in Mumbai, every company now has a well-established online presence owing to the Covid crisis. So, in this digital era, VPNs are no longer an option. They represent a basic necessity of working individuals.

A good VPN, the likes of SurfShark VPN, enables you to access the internet anonymously, which is essential in these days of data collection and monitoring. But there are many more benefits of using a VPN while working with the internet that is often unknown to most users. 

Cool things you can do with VPN
Surfshark VPN: The Best VPN service in 2022

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This article will look at some of the interesting functions that a VPN can perform, apart from offering anonymity on the web.

Unblocking and streaming material

The most common reason individuals use a VPN is to access international content and streaming services. You pay membership fees to Netflix, Amazon Prime, and other services.

So why can't you use what you've paid for while on the road? Depending on the region you're in, you may be able to access only a local version. However, that area may not contain your favorite material as access may be restricted.

With a VPN, you may connect to a server in the streaming service's host country and quickly view all of your favorite material.

Anonymous publishing and commenting

Have you ever experienced a negative encounter with a service or organization and been unable to seek remedy because your objections were disregarded or dismissed? It may be annoying when you're in the right. You may express your anger and warn others by going online.

However, if the firm believes you are revealing potentially harmful information, you risk facing legal action. It does occur. 

You may mask your actual IP address by using a VPN when accessing or posting on websites. This may be beneficial if you do it anonymously.

Save money

When looking for a particular reservation, pricing may change. Furthermore, Mac users often pay higher costs than Windows users. Isn't it crazy? 

It all boils down to cookies and your want to purchase this particular ticket, vehicle, or accommodation. Using a VPN to avoid price changes is one of the most profitable things.

You may use SurfShark VPN to try out multiple server locations and compare pricing. Then you may start looking into how much money a VPN will save you on plane tickets.

You can get and download the Surfshark VPN at an attractive rate :

Take advantage of shopping discounts

Some businesses may raise the price of their merchandise depending on your region. The disparity is attributable to differences in taxes and import prices across nations.

You may receive amazing discounts by checking the prices of several VPN server locations. Find the cheapest option and save yourself the money.

Make the ideal streaming lockdown hub

We all wish to keep our internet identities private. Yes, it includes watching your favorite programs and movies online. Even while watching the newest Netflix shows from the comfort of your sofa, you can feel secure with a VPN connection.

A VPN may also help you escape internet throttling, speeding up your streaming. Your internet service provider will not know that you're viewing videos since your traffic is encrypted. 

Improve the speed of your internet connection

If you find yourself waiting for a webpage or video to load, your ISP may be restricting your bandwidth. This may indicate that your Internet Service Provider (ISP) is deliberately delaying (throttling) your connection.

Keep your VPN connection activated to avoid this kind of discomfort. A VPN encrypts your internet connection. Therefore, even if your ISP looked into it, they wouldn't find anything. 

Choose a server nearest to your actual location for the fastest speeds. Yes, with SurfShark VPN, one of the fantastic things you can do is speed up your connection.

Free services and websites 

Not all news websites are accessible to the general public. Frequently, you can only see a limited number of entries before being required to register. 

These websites monitor your IP address and how many articles you have opened each time you visit them. They can tell when you've hit your limit this way. So, what are your options here?

When you hit the limit, choose a new server from your VPN program. They'll view you as a new visitor if you open the website or tool in a new private browsing window.

Activate social media applications

A number of nations have restricted social media either permanently or irregularly. If you visit one of these nations, you will almost certainly be unable to use social media.

To use social media applications in countries where they're restricted, use a VPN to connect to a server in a nearby country and surf normally. And in terms of VPN applications, one that encourages the free flow of information is hard to top.

Investigate your competitors 

A webmaster may observe all visits to their website using Google Analytics and other technologies. They can trace your online activity to determine where you came from and what information you were interested in. This can happen even if you are studying your competitors.

How can you keep anonymous when doing online research? Simply switch on your VPN and connect to a server to get started. 

Create several accounts

Another feature of a VPN that is sometimes ignored is the ability to create several accounts on a website or online service. Each time you create an account, you just choose a VPN server in a new region. 

A free Skype call

Skype allows you to communicate with loved ones who are far away. However, when geographical distances are involved, phoning someone's landline or mobile phone might become costly.

Use the SurfShark VPN to get around this problem. SurfShark VPN works well with Skype. You can just choose a server in the destination country to call for free or at a reduced fee.

Protect the whole house

VPN services provide a degree of privacy and security ideal for use on your phone or laptop. What about the rest of the smart devices strewn around the house? Not all of them are capable of supporting VPN applications.

You do, however, have a router. Most top VPN routers can either support VPNs or be configured.

Suppose you set up a virtual private network on your router. In that case, every device that connects to it will automatically have VPN access.

Defeat ISP tracking

ISPs often monitor their customers' internet activities. These acts are controlled by privacy laws to guarantee that individual consumers remain anonymous. However, if law enforcement intervenes with a court order, they may monitor and record individual movements.

ISPs argue that their monitoring is harmless. However, this is a matter of perspective. ISPs will sell the information they gather to other parties. These may include browsing history, location, and app data on mobile devices. 

The information is used for advertising reasons, such as targeting. It is, nevertheless, an infringement of privacy. Installing a VPN on all of your devices will give enough protection against these invasions.


One of the most helpful cybersecurity tools you may have is a VPN. It may be used to conceal, protect, stream, unblock, speed up internet connection, and save money, among other things. So, what are you waiting for? Get yourself a SurShark VPN connection right now.

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