How to Reduce Scanned PDF File Size Up to 300 KB? 

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August 12th, 2022


Last updated on : August 12th, 2022 by R Yadav

Many of you might have difficulty uploading PDFs on your desired platforms due to their large size. Well, you are not alone who have gone through this problem. Most people who use online platforms for data sharing often come across this situation when they can’t send a PDF because its size exceeds the given limit. We all know that many online platforms and email service-providing sites like Gmail have set a size limit for uploading files. You cannot attach a file in your email that exceeds this limit and transfer it. Therefore, it becomes inevitable to reduce the PDF size for smooth sharing. 

No one can deny the importance of the Portable Document Format for flawless sharing of data from one device to another. People from all over the planet prefer PDFs for sending their personal and confidential information. 

Many reasons make PDF the first choice of millions of people when it comes to data transfer. For instance, password protection features, fantastic layout, and multisystem support make PDF the best document format. However, the large PDF size is the only but significant concern that can affect smooth data sharing. But, you don’t need to worry at all, as we will share the easiest way of reducing PDF size. The method we are going to elaborate on will help you compress PDF to 300KB without affecting its quality. You can use this method to reduce the size of scanned PDF files according to your needs. 

Now, let’s unveil the simplest method of compressing PDF without any further ado! 

Use an Advanced PDF Compressor to Shrink PDFs

The assistance of an online PDF compressor has made our lives immensely easier. Now, we don’t have to make all the efforts ourselves to complete a task. The days have gone when we have to do manual processing to manage our personal and professional tasks. Today, we have highly advanced web-based facilities that can help us store information, share data, and manage other official and personal jobs. Similarly, there are excellent facilities available on the web that can compress PDF to 300KB within a matter of seconds. You can take the assistance of these online facilities and shrink unlimited PDFs without stepping into any convoluted process. 

Best Online Tools to Compress PDF

The internet has tons of advanced facilities that can compress PDF to 300KB, but many of them cannot maintain the content's quality and formatting. But, you don’t need to look for an advanced PDF compressor yourself, as we will share some of the most reliable PDF tools you can use to shrink your PDFs. 

PDF Compressor by

Many of you might have heard of this famous online platform. The online portal offers many other remarkable tools beneficial for managing education or professional tasks. The PDF compressor on this facility is another excellent tool that can be accessed easily. You can use this facility to compress PDF to 300KB from any device, including computers, smartphones, or tablets. The PDF compressor doesn’t need any registration from its users to use its free PDF compression service. Moreover, with this accessible online facility, you don’t have to install any massive-sized application on your device to reduce the size of PDFs. You can access this free tool by clicking on

Compress PDF by 

This is another amazing web-based PDF compressor that helps users to compress PDF to 300KB effortlessly. The easy-to-understand layout of this online tool allows novices to compress their scanned PDFs without affecting the quality of the content. You only need a strong internet connection to reach this online portal and access this PDF compressor. No premium membership or signup is required from users to shrink PDF using this facility. 

Compress PDF by

If you are in search of a PDF tool that has a friendly user interface, then this online PDF compressor can be the best option for you. The super-friendly user interface of this online tool makes it no uphill task for anyone to compress PDF to 300KB swiftly. Moreover, the tool is completely free to use and can be accessed from anywhere to shrink PDFs. 

How to Reduce Scanned PDF File Size?

Bottom Line  

In the last analysis, reducing the size of scanned PDFs makes it simple to upload them on any online platform and share them effortlessly. The data we have mentioned in this blog post would have given you an idea about the need to compress PDFs for uninterrupted data sharing through online platforms. The suggested tools would be highly useful for compressing PDF to 300KB. You can use any of these tools and compress the size of your PDFs in a few minutes straight away.

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