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June 29th, 2022


Last updated on : June 29th, 2022 by R Yadav

Are you looking for the best online free PDF converter that can convert files to PDF and PDF files to other formats files like Word, Excel, Text, PowerPoint, etc?  Are you fed up with the annoying ads and forced email sign-up or paid PDF converter before you can use the PDF Converter tool?

            Don’t worry. Today we have brought you an exclusive all-in-one Online PDF Converter to our readers that saves your life by providing a 100% free service at super-fast file conversion speed without any invasive annoying ads.

SizePDF Converter:

SizePDF Converter has been designed and engineered for providing a pleasant PDF to other file conversion experiences online to users for free. Their user interface for the PDF conversion tool is very simple and super fast which works like a charm. SizePDF Converter is a secured, simple and trusted solution that answers today’s world’s demand for PDF functionalities.

Key Features of   SizePDF Converter:

  • Completely (100%) free and online PDF conversion service.
  • No limits on file conversions and size. Coverts multiple files in batches in one go.
  • Almost support all output file formats like PDF, Word,  text, excel, power point and so on.
  • Superfast file conversion speed.
  • User-friendly user interface.
  • Better quality file outputs at reduced file size. An only converter that retains original format i.e. font, hyperlinks, tables, etc.
  • Most secured PDF to excel converter online implemented through Encrypted security mechanism.
  • No invasive annoying ad.
  • No installation of any software/adware. No license is needed.

Key SizePDF Tools available:

 The introduction of the tools

1.SizePDF PDF to Word Converter:

PDF to Word converter becomes handy when you want to make an editable MS office word file from a PDF file online. What SizePDF’s PDF to word converters makes it special among the other competitor's tools, is its unique features of converting PDF to a word document by maintaining good quality at a quite reduced size.  

How to use SizePDF’s PDF to Word converter:

Step 1: First of all you have to visit SizePDF PDF to Word converter portal. The link SizePDF portal has been mentioned below.

Best Online PDF Converter: SizePDF Converts PDF To Word Online (FREE) - TechFeral
SizePDF: Best PDF Converter Home Page

Step 2: Now, please upload your files by hitting the "Select File" option. It supports batch file conversion also.

SizePDF: PDF to word convertor
SizePDF: PDF to word convertor

Step 3: Next wait for a few moments till the SizePDF converter does the magic thing. It will allow you to directly download the desired output format without any ad or signup. Please download the file and enjoy.

Please try SizePDF’s PDF to Word Converter 100% free:

2. SizePDF PDF to Excel Converter:

A good PDF to Excel converter saves your life by converting PDF to desired spreadsheet formats i.e. XLS & XLSX. SizePDF PDF to Excel Converter simple process not only saves your time and effort but also produces a quality spreadsheet for PDF having complex data structure. It also supports complex PDF tables which are spread over multiple pages, merged cells or wrapped cells over rows.

SizePDF PDF to Excel Converter
SizePDF PDF to Excel Converter

Please try SizePDF’s PDF to Excel Tool 100% free:

3. SizePDF PDF to PPT Converter:

SizePDF PDF to PPT is an easy-to-use converter that allows you to convert your PDF to a PPTX or PowerPoint presentation (PPT) on any device in a fraction of seconds. What I like about the SizePDF PPT converter is that it retains almost all original formats and graphic details for you so that so you can easily edit and make changes to the desired output PPT or PPTX files.

SizePDF PDF to PPT Converter

Please try SizePDF’s PDF to PPT Tool 100% free:

Final Words on SizePDF Converter:

In this brief article on SizePDF Converter, we have discussed mainly the best features of SizePDF Convertor with the main three tools PDF to Word, PDF to Excel and PDF to PPT converter. 

I hope that it above article on “Best Online PDF Converter: SizePDF Converts PDF To Word Online (FREE)” has fulfilled your requirement for an effective, secure and efficient PDF converter that comes in handy in your daily professional life and in college study. In the market there are mainly self-claimed PDF convertors are there but most of them are inefficient and ads invasive or paid one or subscription-based. Some may not be secured for your personal files like Bank or payment credentials, private data/ identity files, etc.

If want to learn on best JPG to PDF converter, please visit Top 5 Best Proven JPG to PDF Converter App for Android to know more on other PDF converters.

If you have any idea of a better PDF converter and want me to write a review with the main features, pro and cons, please feel free to write us.

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