How to delete Spotify account? [2020- 100% Working]

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September 10th, 2020


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Delete and erase Spotify account along with your personal data and playlists

Hello, We will tell you today about the Spotify account and "How to delete Spotify account? [2020- 100% Working]" because some people do not know how to delete an account permanently.

There are several ways to delete the premium account, but we will provide you some best methods with them; you can instantly delete your Spotify premium account in 2020.

How to delete Spotify account? [2020- 100% Working]

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What is Spotify?

Spotify is an online platform where you can play and download millions of Hindi, English, and Punjabi songs. You can also follow other people and make them friends. You can also share your playlist with them if you have a premium Spotify subscription.

You can watch unlimited music songs free of cost without ads if you use premium Spotify and you can also get some discounts on your plans if you want to keep continue your subscription.

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How to Delete Spotify Account?

Spotify is gaining popularity from all around the world. Here are the steps by following them you can quickly delete Spotify premium account without any problem.

Open your browser and go to the Sign-in page of Spotify.

Log in to your Spotify account with your Spotify credentials.

1. Search the delete account page in the Spotify search corner.


2. On the home page, scroll down to the bottom, click "About" and click "Contact Us" to enter the support page of Spotify.

3. Go to the support page of Spotify via link i.e. "Support Link Spotify" and then select "Account" as mentioned in the snapshot given below -

How to delete Spotify account? [2020- 100% Working]

4. You will see the contact page and "Close account" Click on that link.

How to delete Spotify account? [2020- 100% Working]

5. Click on the button, "I want to close the Spotify account permanently."

6. Click on the "Close Account" button.

7. Confirm from Your Email Box.

Short Description of All Steps

Step1:: Open your computer and search Spotify login and enter your login details then after you click on your account for the next stage and search support contact page in the Spotify search bar.

Step2:: After Login your Spotify account, should you go your subscription plan and cancel your plan before closing your Spotify account. If you cannot do this, you will be charged.

Step3:: You can not get a refund once you charge. So you should first cancel your subscription. Now cancel your subscription plan in your Spotify account. you need to search how to delete an account in your Spotify search bar. When you find it click on delete your account.

Step4:: In the Spotify account, you will see the contact page for deleting your account, and you need to click on that button. After that, you will find some questions like "why you want to delete your account?", skip that question, and hit the "Close my account."

Step5:: It's all done if you have completed the procedure mentioned above and you will get a mail from the Spotify team for conformation of deleting your Spotify account. open your email and you will see a mail from Spotify team, open it and click on the close my account, also know how some essential things that you should not miss it.

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Warning For Spotify subscription

If you are planning to delete your Spotify account and if you will not cancel your subscription plan and delete your account then Spotify will keep charging for your monthly subscription.

You should cancel your plan before closing your account otherwise you will be in trouble and you will have to contact the Spotify team to cancel your subscription but your money will not be refunded.

Keep in mind while deleting Spotify Account:

Before deleting your Spotify account, you should keep in mind some things that might be important to know you. Let's see

  • You have to cancel your subscription before deleting your Spotify account; if you do not do this, you will be charged even you have deleted your account. So you should cancel your subscription before sending a request for a close account.
  • You will not be able to restart your account once you delete your account from Spotify, and the Spotify team can not help you if you want to get back your deleted account.
  • You will lose all your followers and people that you have followed in your Spotify account. You will not be able to restore them; before deleting your account, you should think about it if you want them.
  • If you are going to delete a Spotify account, then keep in mind that you will not be able to save your playlist, you will lose all of your data, and your downloaded music will also remove.
  • If you are a premium subscription member of Spotify then you should cancel your subscription before deleting your premium account.
  • You can not close your Spotify account in the mobile app, You have to open your account in a computer or laptop.


You can easily delete your Spotify account with these tips and you can share it with your friends. If you need any help regarding the Spotify account and if you are facing any problem while deleting your account then you can ask us via comment section.

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FAQs on How to delete Spotify account?:

Q1:: Can I delete my Spotify account and make a new one?

Ans:: Yes, You can make a new account on Spotify, but make sure you are not using your old Gmail id, which you have already used to create a previous Spotify account.

Q2:: What is the difference between canceling my plan and canceling my Spotify account?

Ans:: If you want to cancel your plan, then your account will not be deleted. You can able to use your account on a free subscription. But if you close your account, then you can not get back your Spotify account.
You will lose all your followers, playlist, downloaded music files. That's the only difference.

Q3:: Can you reset your Spotify?

Ans:: You can not reset your Spotify account, but you can manually remove or add songs from your account.

Q4:: Can someone hack my Spotify?

Ans:: Stoptify says, " Your account cannot be hacked by anyone" But if you share your login details to others, then, in that case, it can be hacked by anyone.

Q5:: Why I can't Change my Spotify username?

Ans:: You can not change your Spotify username, but you can manually change your display name. You can not use your display name as a username; You still need to use your username for login.

Q6:: How do I delete my free Spotify account?

Ans: First canceled your subscription and follow the below steps to delete the Spotify account.

  1. Open your browser and open: Spotify support
  2. Click on the "Login button" and sign in to your account with your Spotify credentials.
  3. Click on account and then click on the option "I want to close my Spotify account permanently".
  4. Click on the “Close Account” button.
  5. Confirm from Your Email Box.

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