How to Build Online Food Delivery Website Like UberEats in 2022

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March 24th, 2022


Last updated on : March 24th, 2022 by R Yadav

Do you want to be a valuable part of the billion-dollar food delivery industry? Are you on the lookout for a detailed guide to creating a food delivery website? Want to enjoy the same success as UberEats? This blog post will answer all your questions on building a website like UberEats and growing your business in 2022. 

Ordering food online has become an integral part of people's lifestyles. Besides, restaurants and food delivery startups are also welcoming this concept with open arms because digital ordering opens additional revenue channels and boosts profitability in no time. But figuring out how to build an online food delivery website with modern features needs research and time. 

In order to succeed, entrepreneurs need to spend time researching products and sort out precisely what sort of niche they want to target. The food delivery business is booming, and after perceiving the success of well-known brands such as UberEats, Doordash, GrubHub, many entrepreneurs dream of launching their own food delivery business. 

All they need is a well-designed, fully-functional delivery website that allows business owners to accept and manage online orders without any glitches. Moreover, dine-in is limited; they can only reach a limited number of people, and sales usually depend on operating hours. On the contrary, online ordering enables them to accept orders beyond the area vicinity. 

Food Delivery Market

How to Build Online Food Delivery Website Like UberEats in 2022 - TechFeral

Source: Emergen Research

Due to the rapid growth of the food delivery industry, and the online takeaway ordering system, restaurants have a wonderful opportunity to rethink their strategies. UberEats and similar apps are becoming a fundamental part of the restaurant industry and encouraging startups to build an app like UberEats to sky-high the customer satisfaction ratio with sales and revenue.

The market for food delivery has grown. It is researched that there are over 1500 companies involved in food delivery or related to the food industry, according to Crunchbase. On a geographic level, the United States came in first place (30%), Europe came in second (25%), and Asia came third (25%). 

Approximately 30 companies started the food delivery business in 2019. In addition, food delivery customers in the B2C segment generate an average revenue of $99.79 per transaction, and the revenue is expected to increase by 7.5% a year by 2024 and reach $164,002M in total.

Why Food Delivery Website Matters the Most 

It's important to understand the pivotal reasons for starting your own website before going into detail about the essential features of food delivery software for restaurants.

  1. A website is a good place to market food delivery businesses locally and globally. 
  2. A company can display all the related information and stay connected with customers.
  3. A custom food delivery website allows the brand to capture more customer data and better understand what drives sales and revenue. 
  4. When customers order anything through third-party food delivery services, the business owner has limited information about customers and their ordering preferences, but their own website allows them to curate personalised offerings for them. 
  5. Your loyalty program can be used more effectively. You will receive all the data about the users who order on your websites, such as their demographics, preferences, and purchasing behaviour. This can help you craft a perfect loyalty program. For instance, one can benefit from SMS or email marketing to help you fill vacant tables on weekdays. 

How to Build a Food Delivery Website Like UberEats - A Step-by-Step Guide

A food delivery website may seem like a mountain to climb, but it isn't insurmountable. If you want to complete the task successfully, you should break it down into bite-sized chunks that you can handle. Set small goals consistently to show yourself that you can succeed. 

As a result, savvy business owners adopt food delivery business models to make their products available to customers. Your website needs to reflect your company's goals and cater to your customer's preferences if you want to join other players. Here's the guide that helps you build a perfect food delivery website such as UberEats. 

Plan Site Structure and Key Pages 

Plan the structure and organization of your website before you start building it. Ask yourself the following questions:

  1. How do you want to present your food delivery website to your customers?
  2. What features and functionalities do you want to have on your website?
  3. Do you want your customers to have the ability to navigate and move around your website easily?

Select the Necessary Features for Your Food Delivery Platform

You should carefully choose the features of your food delivery website since it will have a great impact on usability. It is usually necessary to customize the site for four user roles: the user, the restaurateur, the delivery provider, and the administrator. Those three should be fully integrated into the back end.

Appealing Visuals

In addition to including images of the food preparation, you should also build a restaurant website that offers food delivery. The design of the website should include appealing and high-quality food images. You can also capture videos and put them on the website to grab users' attention. 

User-Friendly Order Process 

Your order form should require only the minimum information and not too many steps. Form fields should be clearly labeled, and error messages should be displayed near each field, which is crucial to accessibility.

Publish the Website

It is now time to go live and publish your website once you are completely satisfied with its design, functionality, and interface. Once you publish the website, collect feedback from customers and make necessary changes to stay relevant in the market. 

Bonus Tips

Creating a website from scratch might seem a daunting task, but entrepreneurs need to consider some essential tips while creating a food delivery website, such as,

  • A website should be responsive
  • Should have safe online payment options
  • Contactless delivery options
  • Clear call to actions
  • Digital menu

Moreover, entrepreneurs should not overlook internet marketing strategies as it plays an important role in grabbing users' attention. 

Key Takeaways

Mobile food ordering is an industry that is booming at a rapid pace and cannot be ignored by any restaurant/cafe. In light of continued technological advancement (Internet and mobile), food delivery apps like UberEats are likely to gain even more strategic value in the future. In developing such an application, it is necessary to consider every aspect and address the needs of all involved parties adequately.

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