Free Shutterstock Images Download Without Watermark

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April 19th, 2023


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How To Download Shutterstock Images without Watermark for Free? | Get free Shutterstock Images | Free Shutterstock Images Download

Hello Readers and welcome to the latest guide on "How to Download Free Shutterstock Images Without Watermark".  As you know stock photos are created by professional photos taken by professional photographers of places, sceneries, products and nature, etc.

Generally, these photos are copyright protected and we cannot use them for free and also you have to purchase them to use them in your project, blogs, sites, presentations, etc.

"Free Shutterstock Images Download Without Watermark"

Free Shutterstock Images Download Without Watermark
Free Shutterstock Images Download Without Watermark

Shutterstock is one of the best and most popular online photo and image inventory websites. Photographers sell their work and images, where there are over 263 million images and more than 1 lakh fresh images are uploaded every day along with the illustration, graphic design and background images, music and archival material.

"Over 31,40,02,843 royalty-free images with 13,75,698 new stock images added weekly."

It was founded by programmer and photographer Jon Oringer in 2003. Shutterstock maintains a library of approximately 200 million free royalty stock photos/ images, illustrations, and, vector graphics.

Professional photographers upload stock photos, and these images are displayed according to your keyword in the search box on Shutterstock if you like the images directly and want to download them.

But there is a catch you can't download the image and in maximum cases, it will ask you to pay before you can download or use it for your purpose. Also, you can't take screenshots with different tools if you do, it will download the watermark image only.

Download Shutterstock Images without watermark [100% Free]

Without wasting time,  Let's share an exclusive latest trick on how to download those free images from Shutterstock without a watermark. There are many tools available on the Internet, but generally, I am comfortable with a tool, that tool is easy to use and download, and also we can download Videos from Instagram, iGTV videos from that tool too.

Follow the step-by-step process as mentioned below with screenshots for your help.

Step 1: Open the Shutterstock Image site and select the desired image or stock photo.

Step 2: Select the image or photo and copy the URL of that image.

Free Shutterstock Images Download Without Watermark
Free Shutterstock Images Download Without Watermark

Step 3: Now, Open

Step 4: Paste the stock URL in this website search box.

Step 5: Click on "Find the link", and subsequently " Click to View" as shown in the picture below to get free Shutterstock images.

Free Shutterstock Images Download Without Watermark
Get free Shutterstock images Without Watermark

Step 6: Waitt for 5 seconds time on "add fly" and click on skip to download your stock image without a watermark into your gallery.

Congratulations! You have successfully downloaded watermark-free images from Shutterstock.

If you don’t get the above tutorial, please go through the video given below and follow step by step process to download Shutterstock images without a watermark.
Free Shutterstock Images Download Without Watermark

 Alternative websites of Shutterstock:

Here is the list of other alternative websites of Shutterstock,  where you can download professional free images without a watermark.





Conclusion on Free Shutterstock Images Downloads Without Watermark:

Users can use this method to download your desired stock image and get the professional presentation, project, or blog ready. But, it is hereby that Techferal warns users that before downloading images or photos, please carefully read the terms and conditions of Shutterstock and Shutterstock copyright rules.

FAQs on Free Shutterstock Images Download Without Watermark:

Q1. Is Shutterstock free to use?

Ans: Shutterstock generally offers stock images with paid subscriptions as discussed already in the article. Shutterstock doesn't give all of their stock quality pictures for free on their platform. Pictures are the property of various photographic artists and fashioners, which is why it's not free.

Q2. Can I download free images from Shutterstock without a watermark?

Ans. Yes. Using the above guide you can download any stock image from Shutterstock free of cost.

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