15 cool gadgets: Our pick of the best new tech for 2022

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January 25th, 2022


Last updated on : January 25th, 2022 by S Raange

Over time, technology has evolved significantly to make unique and newer devices available to mankind. Take the evolution of escape rooms, for instance, and you will be left astounded to see how much the evolution of technology has changed an entire industry and continues to do so.  

So, as the new year starts, we all are eagerly waiting for the arrival of new and cool gadgets that will make 2022 all the more exciting. From the latest speakers you want to buy from your living room to those new pods you have always wanted, there is so much stuff waiting for you! 

Through this article, we have enlisted before you the top 15 gadgets that are a must-try for every user in 2022. So, check them out!  

1.Nothing Ear 

Receiving the good books of Tony Fadell, one who invented the iPod, Nothing Ear is set to have one of the most anticipated product launches this year.  It proposes to bring in premium audio quality at budget prices. The design of this product is also quite cool and aesthetic. Nothing Ear gives you all of it from noise cancellation to water and splash resistance! 

2.Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 

Continuing its iconic folding touch-screen phone tech, Samsung is coming out with its new device of the Flip series.  The Flip 3 comes with an octa-core processor and a hefty RAM built inside. With a 120 Hz display, the phone is also waterproof! Priced at £949, this phone is comparable to both Apple and Google devices. 

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 on white background
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3.Sony HT-A9 

This year couldn't possibly get any better with the brand-new Sony speakers set to be released in the market. It is a set of four wireless speakers communicating through a control unit that plugs into your TV. Pair up these speakers with your Sony TV and enjoy the best experience you can ever get! If you wish to buy some great surround sound speakers to enhance the cinematic experience at your home, this is your best choice.  

4.Tekzone Tiger 30W Fast Charger 

One of the most essential purchases that you can make this year is, of course, a fast charger! If you simply have a USB C end cable, you are all set to use this amazing fast charger! You can simply plug in your cell or laptop to this device and sit back as your devices charge up at lightning speed.  

5.SRS NB10 Wireless Neckband Speaker 

With the use of wired devices becoming obsolete as more and more users lean towards wireless devices, this could be your next best purchase! Using this Sony neckband speaker, you can give your ears the rest they need as the device sits calmly on your neck. With a built-in microphone and Bluetooth connectivity, this device is here to solve all your needs! 

SRS-NB10 Wireless Neckband Speaker on white background
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The Flexbound Pulse is a chair that is designed to revolutionize the cinema-watching experience forever. Instead of using speakers that blare sound out loud, this chair has built-in speakers to shake your senses like never before. The device enables you to feel frequencies up to 1,000 Hz! Though presently it is only marketed for cinema halls, it's all ready to be licensed for manufacturing homes.   

7.NightWatch Magnifying Clock Dock for Apple Watch 

This NightWatch will help magnify your Apple Watch display to turn it into a great bedside clock for your bed stand. A small slot at the back holds the MagSafe charger that comes with it. You can simply tap the watch screen to wake up your Night Watch. Its shape also helps in amplifying your watch sound to wake you up at the right time.   

8.Bose QuietComfort Earbuds 

If all the noise around you is driving you crazy, these new Bose earbuds are here to save you! The sound quality is unquestionably great, and the design is simplistic and classy. Designed with top-notch noise cancellation technology, these earbuds should be at the top of your wish list this year.   

9.Fitbit Charge 5 

Compared to its previous versions, this Fitbit seems less angular. But other than that, it boasts of a grand AMOLED display and has added a lot of health apps to it. From an electrodermal sensor that records your level of stress to an electrocardiogram app, you have it all here. This is one of the best fitness tracker gadgets that you can invest in this year.  

10.Sonos Beam (Gen 2) 

The Sonos Beam promises to provide its user with the full Dolby Atmos 3D effect. The design, too, is very sleek to fit into your home with relevant ease. You can personalize the device as per your needs and enjoy the amazing audio that it delivers. If you are thinking of revamping your cinematic experience at home, this can be one of your best purchases. 

11.LG Signature OLED R 

With new speakers, you also need a great TV. The LG Signature OLED R is your multi-tasking gadget from the future. As you turn off this TV, watch how it tucks itself seamlessly into a speaker cabinet below! Alternatively, in this mode, you can use it as a display for your speakers too. With the OLED display generating its light when the current passes through, you are even ready for a party. The manufacturing of such advanced technology requires a lot of capital and efficiency, so you can expect it to be pretty high-priced. 

12.Meeting Owl Pro 

Having its 360-degree camera, 8 microphones, and a speaker, the Meeting Owl Pro can give you the perfect feel of in-person meetings while at home. It has an 18-foot-long audio pickup radius to further enhance its overall effect. There is also an automatic zoom that quickly and efficiently picks up the audio of whoever is speaking at the moment.  

Meeting Owl Pro
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13. Fujifilm Instax mini–Mobile Photo Printer 

With this cool gadget, you can now easily print photos right from your mobile. Available both for iOS and Android devices, it conveniently connects to your device wirelessly. Near about 12 seconds are needed to print each photo, and once charged completely, it can print a total of 100 continuous shots.  

14.Philips Sonicare 9900  

If you are looking to buy an electric toothbrush for yourself, go for this. What makes it so much exciting is how smoothly it adapts to your brushing style in real-time. It comes with five different settings and a leather carrying case, which also acts as a charger.  

15.Logitech Ergo K860 Keyboard 

With work from home becoming the new settlement for all of us, investing in the right kinds of gadgets is essential. If you wish to improve your posture and stay away from muscle spasms and strains, buy this today. It even has a curved and split design and a pillowed wrist-rest to further enhance its usage. 

If you are someone who likes to stay ahead of the trend, scroll through these gadgets and get your wish list ready soon! Most of these products are yet to be launched, so you still have time to prioritize and save up.  

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