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February 7th, 2023


Last updated on : February 7th, 2023 by R Yadav

If you are searching for an online secure code training program to fulfill your aspiration of full-stake multidimensional skills and want to master in web security in app development then you have landed in the right place. Now a day digital learning markets are flooded with multiple e-learning platform which promises numerous learning tools and courses but the effectiveness and practical benefits of such training are difficult to realize.

Now before discussing the online secure code training provided by Dev Acadamy, let's discuss

What is Secure Code? What kind of secure code training is required to become a master in web security development?

A software vulnerability is always a risk that becomes an unintentional part of a system if the code quality and business logic are not implemented as per the industry's best practices or the IT infra becomes a legacy system. For this reason, it's important to make sure your code is secure. Often people underestimate the importance of secure coding building and training. Here we explain what secure coding is and provide secure coding best practices.

Secure coding is the practice of writing source code or a code base that follows the best security practices for a given software solution and allied interface.

In secure code training, someone is learned to develop secure coding skills in various languages, and frameworks, deep learning ethical best cyber security practices which makes security as a fundamental key to how coders think through proven techniques. Below are the best Secure Coding Practices that as a developer you should follow:

  • Inbuilt Secured Design & Framework
  • Cryptographic Practices
  • Role-based Credential Management
  • Input/ Output Validation & Encoding
  • Error Handling and Logging
  • System Configuration
  • Risk & Threat Modeling
  • Access Control

Web Security Academy:

Now let's discuss the Secured Code training e-learning platform provided by Dev Academy for beginners as well as skilled coders. One great quality of Dev Academy that we like is that they teach developers the best art of secure coding through online courses known as Web Security Academy. All the students attending the course will get training on web application security in a holistic approach from renowned experts and devs through on-demand audio & video training materials followed by monthly live Q&A and doubt-clearing sessions. There is a discord channel for an open and active online community of students and devs which helps them in learning important topics on any full-stack web security development and integration.

Web Security: how to secure web apps?

Who are eligible for this online secure code training program (Web Security Academy)?

The above online training program has been developed for both beginners and skilled software developers mainly for the below category:

  • Frontend developer: for a better understanding of backend security.
  • Full-stack developer: For a better view of beyond a single stack development and its security.
  • Backend developers: For a clear understanding of frontend work.

The training program covers not only theory and coding labs on web application security but also it covers budget application implementation and external system integration. It is mainly a 12-week program with on-demand video lessons and training tools including 12-week premium support and access to monthly live Q&A sessions. The brief details of the 12-week, live online coding bootcamp are divided into the following chapters:

  1. Introduction
  2. Web Security model
  3. Client vs. server security
  4. Security vulnerabilities
  5. Application Architecture
  6. Core features implementation
  7. Client security implementation
  8. API security implementation
  9. Roles and account management
  10. External authentication
  11. Two-factor authentication
  12. External user management

Other bonus learnings with Web Security Academy:

In addition to the above curriculum, Web Security Acadamy facilitates the following additional on-demand educational video materials and web security learning tools as bonuses for their students at no cost during the course:

  • Firebase security
  • GDPR and legal guide
  • WebSockets security
  • Security testing
  • Recent security attacks debrief

Bonus WebApp E2E Testing:

Dev Acadamy had a 60 minutes free training course for learning the underlying concepts for end-to-end testing. Here you have free access to online tools like Jest & Cypress to test your Web App end-to-end viz. frontend testing and backend testing.

Final Words on Web Security Acadamy:

On the internet, there are various digital e-learning platforms available for IT courses but what we like about Web Security Acadamy is that Academy Founder, Mr. Bartosz Pietrucha has tons of experience in this field of web application security development and successfully taught hundreds of developers around the globe.

All the candidates who have attended the full above course training have shown good familiarisation and security awareness on the software development process which leads them into good job opportunities. I have no doubt in saying that their premium support, active discord community and plenty of expert faculty (Devs) makes Dev Academy one of the best e-learning platform in secure code training and one may try to learn and be a part of a secured cyberspace and community.

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