US Officials ground Drones fearing Chinese Espionage

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April 15th, 2020


Last updated on : April 15th, 2020 by Techferal

After Huawei was caught in the crossfire of trade disputes between the United States and China, drones have become another area that faces scrutiny by the United States Government. Supposedly, drones that are manufactured or belong to Chinese brands could be used to spy in the US. UU., According to government officials.

US Officials ground Drones fearing Chinese Espionage - TechFeral

Drones have increased in popularity in the US. UU. And it is not limited only to cinematography or simple entertainment. They can also be very useful in real-world scenarios. The best example is the eruption of the volcano in Hawaii in May 2018, where American scientists used a drone to save a man from lava by asking him to follow him out of the jungle.

Examples like these are indicative of the wide range of applications and the utility that unmanned drones bring to the table. However, what about "espionage"? It is the question asked by the United States government. With the growing rivalry between the US UU. And the east, namely China, the western nation is analyzing all the ways in which the Chinese have a foothold. One of these are commercially available drones that are widely sold in the US. UU.

DJI or Da Jiang Innovations Science and Technology Company is one of the market leaders in videography equipment and drones. Their offers are used both for entertainment and to access areas of scientific research. But the company is not alone, as even more Chinese drone manufacturers are looking to enter the US market in the near future. These drones are also seeing an increase in adoption in various government departments and have become a cause for concern for David Bernhardt, the head of a federal agency.


DJI Mavic Pro OcuSyn

According to Bernhardt, these drones are currently under evaluation and review, which is an effort to consider their safety for use in the nation. In addition, during this process, all drones manufactured in China are grounded, as reported by the BBC network. In particular, crucial areas such as drones used in fire fighting and to help rescue people can still fly.


Chinese analysts see US policies that hamper the operations of Chinese companies as a form of protectionism. In other words, the United States is actively against foreign multinationals that win a large market share within their nation. However, despite all these accusations and frictions, US and Chinese leaders are on their way to signing a trade agreement to recover bad relations between the two.


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