POCO GM sheds light on the company’s future plans in India and China

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April 15th, 2020


Last updated on : April 15th, 2020 by Techferal

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Xiaomi first introduced the Poco brand as one of its sub-brands to meet the demands of young smartphone users. The Poco F1 was launched as the first and so far, the brand's only model. A couple of days ago, Xiaomi announced that Poco had become an independent brand without going into details of what that implies.

In a recent interview with Gadgets 360, the general manager of Little India, C Manmohan, gave an idea of ​​the vision of the new independent brand. He stressed that the division between Poco India and Xiaomi would not affect Poco's existing philosophy, which is summed up in the brand's slogan: "everything you need, nothing you don't." The brand expectations to achieve that taking into account customer feedback and current bazaar trends.

POCO GM sheds light on the company’s future plans in India and China - TechFeral

He also revealed that Poco plans to obtain his own office building different from Xiaomi and that it should operate as a separate entity. In addition, he affirmed that "Little will get his own product team, his own sales team and his own marketing team." But for now, Poco will continue to use Xiaomi's established presence. It will also continue to store user data in Xiaomi data centers and offer after-sales services through the latter's channels.

One of the key features that made Poco F1 a Xiaomi phone was the presence of a modified version of MIUI that the brand called "MIUI for Poco". Manmonhan told Gadgets 360 that MIUI for Poco will continue to be part of Poco phones.

"Some of my Poco fans say it's much more Android-ish stock," he confirmed. "So, in essence, we are taking advantage of that and with the comments of our Poco fans and the comments of the community, we will work to make it much more and better. So, that's the plan right now."

It is likely that users who already own a Little F1 do not see any changes through the spin-off. Manmohan also said that the company would like to continue to provide the same support to its current Little F1 consumers as promised. The company can also replicate Xiaomi's marketing strategy and establish a community of Poco fans, just as it can see Mi fans in any of the Mi or Redmi releases.

"That is the idea because, in all honesty, if today, Poco has reached this stage, it is for the community," Manmohan said in answering the question of how Poco is established to establish his fans. “The amount of support / comments we receive from them is huge. That's exactly why we are here today and will continue to nurture it. "

In the initial stage, Poco aims to serve the online space, although it is open to establishing channels offline over time. However, Manmohan exposed that the MI would not sell its upcoming devices through Xiaomi's exclusive Mi Home stores.

“The channel strategy will continue to evolve. It is not something we can attend today and tomorrow we can provide. Therefore, it depends on the type of product we launch, and so on. Therefore, we will receive a call as we launch the products and it will depend on what our customers ask for, ”he further added.

Little GM also revealed during the interview that it will continue its philosophy of launching smartphones with good value for money despite not knowing the price segments in which it will launch its new devices. This clearly means that the company would cannibalize the sales of some Redmi phones. The Poco X2 is touted as a renowned Redmi K30 and may fall soon. Poco is also expected to launch Poco F2, whose news seems to have slowed India's technological pace.

Manmohan did not specify clearly whether the next phone will be the Poco F2 or something completely different. However, he mentioned that he would essentially be the successor to Poco F1. Nor did he completely refute the reports that suggested there are several Little phones in process, although he suggested that initially there would be a model to start the new era.

When inquired if Poco has plans to increase market and its range and bring some Poco devices to affordable mid segments, he stated : "That is also something we are evaluating. In due time, we will share that."


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