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What is a Phone number or Telephone number or mobile identification number (MIN)?

Introduction Phone Number: 

The introduction of the phone and phone number based unique identity changed the way society operated and communicated with one another. Phones exploded in popularity because people were able to talk with their family, friends or business who lived far away from the current location.

The expansion of phones (phone number) changed the business world as well. Businesses were able to more effectively communicate with their customers, which allowed them to meet their requirements quickly and more efficiently.

Phone number

phone number or telephone number or, mobile no

Phones (phone number) also provided an opening for new types of jobs, such as field service management and marketing. Field service management is a system for managing a company's resources that are employed at a client's site or are available to the client via technology.

Phone number : Smartphone multitasking

Phone number : Smartphone multitasking

Field service/ support/ marketing management relies on phone calls to provide the ability to direct and manage a mobile workforce as well as to provide access to customer data. Phones also allow the customer to get in touch with whoever is in charge of their field service management should they have any questions or concerns. A phone number or phone is integral to the success and growth of a business.

[Note: we will use the term Telephone, Cell, Mobile Phone and Phone for the same purpose however there is very little difference between phone and Telephone. to read the difference please be with this blog and read thoroughly till end]

Whats is phone number?

A phone number is a sequence of numbers or digits or integers allotted to a mobile subscriber station or fixed-line telephone or connected to a telephone line or to a wireless electronic telephony device, such as a radio phone or a mobile telephone, or to any other devices for voice and data transmission via or other public and private networks or the public switched telephone network (PSTN).


In simple words,  phone number or telephone number a number assigned to a telephone line for a specific phone or your phone to identify you on your network and make a call with it (smartphone or handset).

phone number or telephone number or ,mobile no

phone number or telephone number or, mobile no



The mobile subscription identification number (MSIN) or mobile identification number (MIN)  denoted to the 10-digit unique no. that a Network service provider or wireless carrier uses to properly recognize a mobile phone on the carriers network, which is a part of the international mobile subscriber identity (IMSI). 

for example International Mobile Subscriber IdentityIMSI

IMSI:310 150 456738464
MCC : 310 USA
MNC:  150 AT&T Mobility (Network Service Provider)
MSIN: 456738464 (Subscriber Identity number or your phone number)


Mobile phone number trace or phone number tracking: 

This mobile number tracking application can track the mobile number with the estimated location and operator's name. There is a number of mobile location tracking application solution.

Few sites are providing a fast mobile number tracker based on Google search rankings. Now track the Indian or US mobile phone number, or find the location of the mobile phone number in a simple way.

The best site to track mobile numbers, track cell phone numbers are given below:

  1. For USA (Mobile number tracker): TechWelkin Tools
  2. For India (phone no tracker)- Trace Indian Mobile Location & Operator 
  3. Global mobile number tracker (phone no tracker): phonetracker-geek
  4. World wide Number Tracker (phone number tracker): International Number Tracker

Telephone or phone history:

History of phone

History of phone or Telephone


In 1992, the first smartphone was released by IBM, which was called Simon Personal Communicator. The first smartphone has a large screen and a pen, which allowed users to send emails and take notes. In 1997, the Nokia 9000 Communicator began the new era of smartphones. The first cover design that allowed users to use the full QWERTY keyboard when it opened.

2000 to 2020:  Era of Smartphone with multimedia, gaming and mobile broadband connectivity

Sharp created the first camera phone J-SH04 (J phone), which was the first cell phone that included a camera feature. Users can use this cell phone to take photos and send them by email with the 3G system. Japan was a leader for the cell phone with a camera. That made mobile culture more popular in Japan.

Passengers were not allowed to make phone calls on the train, so passengers used text messages and emails as alternatives during this time. I could see many young people texting using text messages and cute emojis. It is still popular right now, so Japan is at least ahead of the communication behavior revolution in 10 years.

The development of the smartphone and 4G (fourth-generation cellular system) after 2009-10  allowed us to have very clear face-to-face video calls, specifically with the iPhone. The interaction became easier, which we can simply say "Hi Siri, call my mom." The voice assistant automatically dials the call for you.

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