Is AI Paraphrasing Tool Useful for Copywriting?

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June 5th, 2023


Last updated on : June 5th, 2023 by R Yadav

Copywriting is when a writer creates content for advertising and marketing. The content created for this purpose is called a copy. Copies are supposed to be very engaging and convincing.

Due to the large influx of online businesses, digital marketing has become very common. Everyone who owns a business makes it a point to have an online presence because digital marketing has several advantages over traditional marketing. You can read in detail about it, but generally speaking, it costs less, has more reach, and has better ROI.

Naturally, competent writers aim to optimize their copywriting so that their copies perform well. One thing they can try is using AI paraphrasing tool. But how do they help exactly? That is what we are going to teach show you in this post.

How an AI Paraphrasing Tool is Helpful in Copywriting?

Now we will check out how an AI paraphrasing tool can help in copywriting.

1.      Incredible Time Saver

One thing a paraphrasing tool does better than humans is that it is extremely efficient at its job. You can provide a text that is only tens of words long or thousands of words long and the paraphraser will take less than a minute to rephrase it.

So, a copywriter who is in the midst of churning out multiple copies for a marketing campaign can use an AI paraphraser to create those copies.

Instead of creating a new copy from scratch, they can just run the first copy through the paraphraser and get a new copy from that.

 creating a new copy from scratch

In this way, a paraphrase tool can help a writer save hours of time. And the good thing is that most AI paraphrasing tools have multiple modes which enable them to create different versions of the same copy.

And many of these tools are free to use as well, so writers can try them out without having to pay for anything.

2.      Helps to Maintain Consistency

Large corporations hire teams of writers to create copies for their various marketing campaigns. However, humans have individual differences that are also abundant in their writing.

So, maintaining consistency across the board can become difficult. For example, let’s say a team has to come up with an upbeat advertisement. Different writers may interpret that in their own way and create their own version of “upbeat.”

AI paraphrasing tool

This inconsistency can become harmful later in the campaign’s lifetime as it may elicit mixed or confused responses from the audience.

But AI paraphrasing tools can help with this. They can ensure that all the content from different team members is of the same tone and delivery by running it through an AI paraphrasing tool.

In doing so, they will remove the elements that make the multiple copies confusing because they will all be on the same page.

3.      Helps to Avoid Plagiarism

In copywriting there is always an inherent risk of accidental plagiarism. People who are in the same business and trying to market similar products/services will inevitably find some overlap in their copies as well.

Now, this becomes a case of plagiarism if one business published its copies first and the other published them later. If the time frame of publishing was very close, then the case becomes murky as it becomes very difficult to find out who plagiarized whom?

case of plagiarism if one business published

Copywriters can avoid this hassle altogether by using an AI paraphrasing tool. Instead of getting embroiled in lengthy court visits and meetings between lawyers, a copywriter can change their content to be different enough that it can’t be considered plagiarized.

All they need to do is to run their content through the paraphrasing tool and it will rephrase it. In the process, the copy will be altered enough that its wording does not match other people’s work. Hence, plagiarism will be avoided.


There are other ways in which an AI paraphrasing tool is useful for copywriting, but these are some of the most important and well-known advantages.

However, it must be noted that no matter how good AI is, the final results still need to be proofread by a professional editor to ensure that there are no mistakes.

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