How To Engage More Followers by Going Live On TikTok?

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June 7th, 2022


Last updated on : June 7th, 2022 by R Yadav

Are you utilizing TikTok for business to boost your social media presence for quite some time? If yes, amplify your brand engagement state and take advantage of TikTok live features. Going live on TikTok acts as a center stage for success. Remarkably, it helps brands connect with their potential customers in real-time. If you want to create a significant impact on your brand, ensure to share tips & tricks, Q&A sessions, or show them behind the scenes. It helps your audience to know how valuable your brand is, which tends to grab the audience's attention on TikTok. However, before you go live on TikTok, make sure to promote it as often to let the audience know when you go live. To sneak peek at your brand, look over the option and know can you buy real TikTok views? Therefore, you will purchase suitable packages and can build a solid strategy for your brand. Here are a few essential ways to make your TikTok live videos successful. Let's roll on this article to get a clear view.

How Can You Unlock Live Features On TikTok?

First, let you know that to unlock the live feature, you have to satisfy a few conditions on TikTok. Get to know that the TikTok live video option is not accessible to every user. If you want to go live, there are specific criteria. They are:

  • Users should have more than 1000 followers.
  • Users' age must be 16 or more.

A Step By Step Process To Go Live On TikTok

#1 Open the TikTok app and click on the '+' icon at the bottom of the TikTok screen.

#2 Swipe right and click on Live.

#3 Then, choose the image and write a descriptive title for your stream. Ensure to select the title and image that entice users' attention and bring on to watch your live streaming videos. Get to know that the title character limit is 32, so be short, clear, and concise with your title.

#4 Now, ready to go live. Click the 'Go Live' option. When you go live, your followers will get a notification that you are on live streaming. To make live more effective, ensure the space is without any distraction of sounds, has a good internet connection, and good lighting. Also, keep your camera in the correct position and include filters and effects.

7 Best Strategies To Make Your TikTok Live Streaming Effective

Are you looking for strategic ways to make your live fantastic and increase your followers incredibly? If yes, let's read this article to get a clear perspective.

Easy TikTok Strategy to GO VIRAL Without Dancing in 2022

1. Determine Your Goals Before Going Live

Everything in our life we do will be behind the goals, and we will always strive to achieve them. So, if you will live on TikTok, the same thing matters. You have to determine what you want to accomplish by live streaming on the platform. The first thing is to identify what message you need to convey to your audience. Identify your brand's goal and take the necessary steps to make your live successful. Going on live depends on the various goals that could be building engagement, driving traffic, or building community. More brands for instant growth are searching for reliable growth services. Brands once reading the trollishly reviews, ensuring the service is worth and choosing the suitable packages to uplift their profile reach. 

2. Select A Topic

Once you have chosen your business objective, select the crisp topic that entices the user's attention. Live streaming is a one-time show, so choose the list of topics and be consistent with the flow. To make the viewer's interest watch the videos and convert your broader videos into a series of 10-15 minutes. Indeed, discussing the same topic in a series triggers viewers' attention to watch the video.

3. Optimize Your Live Stream

Once you tap the live button, you will start talking to your followers. Only with a well-structured plan can your live stream can be more successful. Therefore, before going live, curate the plan for a good start, end, and what you have to do in between. You have to focus on a few things to optimize your live. They are:

  • Introduce yourself
  • Reveal the topic
  • Preplan the format
  • Live duration

Having a clear outline about how you go live helps you move on more confidently, and you will keep grabbing more customers.

4. Go Live When Users Stay Active

There is no use if you go live on TikTok when your audience is not active on the platform. So before you go live, take advantage of TikTok analytics and note down the best timing your audience is on TikTok. Therefore, with a clear idea, choose the best timing and ensure that many people will watch your live. As a result, your brand's conversation increases, which tends to increase sales.

5. Genuine When You Are On Live

It doesn't matter how much you strategize the plan. The main thing to building an intimate connection with the potential audience is constantly being genuine. While on live, be as casual and authentic as possible and convey the points clearly about your brand that should give clear insights about your brand. In this way, you can engage users and build an intimate relationship with them.

6. Sneak Peek Your Live Stream Beforehand

Do you want to make more users watch your live stream? If yes, before going live, promote it on TikTok and other social media platforms. It is a tricky way to increase traffic to your live videos directly. In this digitized world, to gain more user traction and amplify your followers, go live multiple months a month.

7. Include Clear Call-To-Action

Finally, you enclose and come to the end of the live stream. Then don't forget to include a clear-cut call to action. Including a clear call to action will intrigue your audience and influence them to take action to purchase your product. For instance, it will drive more traffic and increase your brand's sales.

Summing It Up

TikTok Live is a fantastic feature for building a strong connection with your potential audience. If you are utilizing it for your brand, it powerfully boosts your brand awareness, conversations, and sales leads. Seriously, TikTok live features help build your brand's presence on the platform.

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