How to Download Multiple Instagram Photos to Gallery

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August 22nd, 2022


Last updated on : August 22nd, 2022 by R Yadav

There are loads of beautiful images on Instagram and you might have the urge to download a lot of them. Keep in mind, there is no direct way to download photos from Instagram. 

If you want to download multiple Instagram photos with a high-quality resolution, you need to use some extra tricks or a third-party app. This third-party app helps you to download single or multiple photos with ease and is completely free to use. We have come up with Snaptube-a very useful app to download multiple images from Instagram. 

Does Instagram allow saving photos?

Instagram multiple photos download is not allowed by Instagram itself. It doesn't let you save photos to your gallery because of its own reasons. But there are rumors on the internet that a lot of websites let you download Instagram videos and photos and that most of them come with a bunch of ads that can make it hard to download certain things.

On the other hand, Instagram lets you take screenshots of pictures, but the most important thing is that you can get a high-resolution copy of the picture. And most users can be frustrated by this.

There are a lot of third-party apps that let you download Instagram photos and videos at the same time. But Snaptube is one of the most stable and reliable Instagram photo downloader apps.

So, let's begin with how to save photos from Instagram to gallery in the next section.

How to save photos from Instagram to gallery using Snaptube

Snaptube is an app that allows you to download Instagram photos with ease. No technical knowledge is required for using this app. Thus, if you are interested in knowing how to save Instagram photos in gallery, then this section is useful. You can use Instagram's own app or the interface on Snaptube to download photos.

How to Download Multiple Instagram Photos to Gallery 
How to Download Multiple Instagram Photos to Gallery 

Before you start, go to Settings > Security on your device and turn on "Install apps from Unknown Sources." In this manner, you will be able to get the apps installed on your device even if they are not on the play store.

You can directly download photos from Instagram

Snaptube is a great online Instagram photo downloader that lets you download photos from Instagram directly. Here's what can be done:

Step 1: First, go to Snaptube's official website on your mobile phone or computer and then download its APK file. Open the APK file and finish setting up the app. 

Allow Snaptube to run in the background after opening the app on your phone. 

How to Download Multiple Instagram Photos to Gallery

Step 2: Now, open Instagram from the main menu.

Login to Instagram and find the picture you want to save. Both searching it in the search bar, and looking for it on the timeline will help.

How to Download Multiple Instagram Photos to Gallery

Step 3: Now, as you look for the picture, you will find a floating ‘Download’ icon for Snaptube that will show up on the screen. 

Tap the download button and that's it. The image will be saved inside the Snaptube file library as well as the Gallery app. 

How to Download Multiple Instagram Photos to Gallery

Why should you consider Snaptube for Downloading Instagram

Snaptube is definitely the best way to download Instagram profile picture in its original quality out of all the other options. From any type of Instagram account, you will be able to download photos with a single tap.

Moreover, the users will not be able to know that their pictures are saved. Also, the photos you download won't have any kind of label or watermark on them. There are other more reasons that make Snaptueb app stand out. 

  • Snaptube makes it easy and free to download Instagram photos in high quality with just one tap.
  • The photos you download won't have watermark on them.
  • Snaptube downloads all Instagram photos at once, greatly saving your time.
  • As a full Instagram photo and video downloader, it works with all of the most popular media formats.
  •  Using Snaptube to get all Instagram photos is a very easy thing to do.
  • Snaptube doesn't require you to "root" your Android device.
  • All the downloaded photos can be found in Gallery. 

FAQs about using Snaptube

Is downloading someone's picture illegal on Instagram?

You can download any photo from Instagram. But if you are using an image from Instagram without the permission of the user, then it's illegal. However, if you do have permission, then you can share it on social media without any issue.

Can I download Instagram photos for free?

Yes, you can download Instagram photos for free. You can take a screenshot of the photo you want, or if you want to download Instagram photos in high quality, you should try Snaptube app.

Can I download multiple images from Instagram?

Yes! Snaptube allows you to easily download multiple images from Instagram. But make sure you don’t use or share or post it using your own name. 


So, if you want to know how to save others Instagram photos to gallery, then Snaptube is a great option. The photos you download will be stored in a folder that you can get to from your device's gallery.

You can also find the content you've downloaded in your Snaptube library if you want to. Use this Instagram photo download full HD app to save your favorite photos to take with you.

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