How to Download Instagram Videos for Free Without Watermark

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August 22nd, 2022


Last updated on : August 22nd, 2022 by R Yadav

Have you ever been scrolling through Instagram and stumbled upon an interesting video that really stood out to you or caused you to feel a certain way, but since you can’t download it on Instagram you just had to keep scrolling?

Well, I’m here to tell you that you don’t have to keep scrolling anymore. We at Snaptube are capable of preserving those feelings and those emotions. With free Snaptube Instagram downloader app, you can save any Instagram video to your phone, with just the “push of a button”.

How to Download Instagram Videos for Free Without Watermark
How to Download Instagram Videos for Free Without Watermark

Spare us a moment to break down how easy it is to download Instagram videos without watermark for free, on any of your Android devices.

Does Instagram have watermark?

 A watermark, which is a logo or text overlay on a document or image file, is a crucial step in the branding, copyright protection, and marketing of digital creation.

To answer the question highlighted above, of course, it does. Instagram videos are actually watermarked in a few different ways.

  • The first way is to use the Instagram app to add the watermark to your video by including text or a picture in the video.
  • The second way is to create an overlay, which is a separate (less noticeable) image that is placed on top of the video with a video editing program.
  • The third way is the inclusion or use of a third-party app or online editing website.

Can Instagram video download without watermark?

You might be wondering, what is this Snaptube app? What makes it different from the many video downloaders available online? And how can Instagram reels download without watermark be done?

Snaptube is a must-have app that allows Android users to download any Instagram video for free. It is a premium video downloader launched in 2014 that has over 300 million global users.

How to Download Instagram Videos for Free Without Watermark

It is unique in the sense that after downloading and installing the  Snaptube app, you log in to your Instagram account (on Snaptube), scroll through and catch up on the latest and trending posts and reels, check out story updates, and most importantly download any videos you want right there on the Instagram video download without watermark apk (Snaptube).

Packed with tons of unique features and benefits, Snaptube is the best and most reliable download source for downloading Instagram videos. Here are the simple steps you need to follow to do so:

Step 1 - Download & Install the Snaptube App

Before you gain access to the premium features that Snaptube offers, you need to first of all visit the official Snaptube website to download the software.

After you click on the download button you’ll receive a prompt saying “file might be harmful”, kindly grant browser access then wait for the download to complete.

After the apk file has been successfully downloaded, click on it and confirm that you want to install Snaptube on your phone.

Step 2 - Select Instagram from your “For you” List of Apps

Once you launch the installed Snaptube app, you would be required to grant Snaptube media access so you can easily download videos and music to your phone.

As soon as it’s completely booted, you would see the Instagram icon on your Snaptube “for you” home screen. Click on it, web login to your account, and start surfing through Instagram for interesting videos.

You could as well search for a specific user or video you already have in mind.

A yellow download button will provided for each post. 

How to Download Instagram Videos for Free Without Watermark

Step 3 - Download Any Instagram Video to Your Phone

Simply press the yellow download button at the bottom right corner of your screen.

A popup screen would be displayed with the video description, name, and size (MB). Click on the available video size and just like that, your Instagram video download would commence.

How to Download Instagram Videos for Free Without Watermark

After which, all you need to do is wait a few seconds for Snaptube to complete your Instagram post download without watermark.

Step 4 – Manage Your Instagram Video Downloads

Scroll down to the notification bar on your phone. There you will see your downloaded Instagram video with the message “Click to check”.

By clicking on the downloaded file you will be taken directly to your download file library, where you can view, share, convert to aduio, or even delete the file (if that is what you want).

Benefits of Using Snaptube as Your Instagram Video Downloader

Snaptube has set itself far above its competitors and has made a name for itself as the best and most user-friendly video downloading platform, and here is why:

  • Snaptube is an android app, specifically created to help you with any Instagram video download, even the download of  Instagram reels without watermark.
  • It has an easy-to-use interface with positive reviews from our many users.
  • You can log in to your account, browse through, enjoy the vast amount of content, and finally download any video you want, without leaving Snaptube.
  • Snaptube allows you to download the exact video quality of the Instagram video you want to download, without a watermark.
  • Snaptube also offers the download of video files from a variety of popular platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, VEVO, and many others.
  • Finally, with a personalized dark and light mode feature, Snaptube ensures every user feels at home while using the app.
How to Download Instagram Videos for Free Without Watermark


Still, sometimes users just want to save videos to their phone, re-watch, and share with friends, without having to deal with watermark

Snaptube is the best way to download high-quality Instagram videos and posts for free. It has superior download speed, and you don’t have to worry about any complicated processes.

With the push of a button, your Instagram video is automatically downloaded, and ready to be shared.

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