Best Headless CMS: How To Choose 

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June 1st, 2022


Last updated on : June 1st, 2022 by R Yadav

Are you looking for the best headless CMS for your business? Well, before you settle on the top one for your business, you should know how to choose. In this headless CMS guide, we will tell you about the steps to take when choosing the best headless CMS for your company.  

How do you choose the best headless CMS? 

1. Consider your budget 

Considering the budget for your headless CMS is one of the steps you should take. This will help you to rule out options that are way out of your estimated budget and narrow down your options. You don’t want to waste your time researching headless CMS whose price is beyond what you are willing to spend.  

Under this factor, you should also consider costs that the headless CMS will help eliminate. For example, if your company is paying too much for licensing and hosting, the headless CMS will eliminate some of these costs because it employs a cloud-multitenant architecture.  

2. The purpose of your website 

The purpose of your digital platform should also be a consideration when choosing the best CMS. Is your platform intended for a short-term project, or are you building it for a long-term company website? If you are building the digital platform for a long-term business website, you should look for a CMS that allows adequate flexibility for any future growth, use cases, and developments. The approach will avoid any unforeseen future costs that are a result of a poorly planned content architecture. Kontent by Kentico is the best headless CMS in terms of flexibility. You should consider them for your long-term business website. 

On the other hand, if you are establishing a short-term site, you should spend most of your effort on making your platform look exactly how you would like it to appear now. This potentially saves you the resources and time that you would spend planning the architecture of your content. Still, Kontent headless CMS is your best choice here.  

3. Your performance and integration needs 

The nature of your website will determine your integration and hosting needs, and it is essential to think about the needs in advance. In particular, online storefronts are inclined to be integration-heavy and typically require scalable hosting choices to stop the site from breaking down during high-traffic runs.  

Even when your site isn’t an online store, it is still essential to establish first your integration and performance needs and choose a headless CMS that can accommodate them. This goes hand-in-hand with organizing your content architecture. Provided you have mapped out your entire website, you will be aware of the specific integration requirement. In the same way, considering your expected traffic fluctuations and top use cases gives you a better idea of your hosting needs. As a result, you will be able to make a better choice of the headless CMS to choose.   

4. The channels you want a presence on 

Headless CMS enables you to offer an omnichannel experience to your clients. This flexibility offers a benefit because it means that you can share the same content across different channels. However, you will have to choose the channels that work best for your service or product. You don’t have to be in all channels available. The channels you choose will help you to choose your general marketing strategy, and your CMS needs for you to be able to offer a robust experience. 

5. Your internal resource capabilities 

It is now time to think about logistics. Who will create and maintain your website? Do you have your own developers? If you have developers in-house, ensure they participate in the decision-making process. They will help choose a CMS platform that employs programming languages that they are familiar with.  

Choose Kontent by Kentico headless CMS. 

As you follow this guideline for choosing the best headless CMS, you should always consider Kontent. Choose Kontent headless CMS for the best business outcomes.

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