8 Signs That Streaming Movie Site Isn't Legit

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February 25th, 2022


Last updated on : February 25th, 2022 by R Yadav

With time, the preferences of people have changed a lot. Now, people prefer to watch movies in their homes instead of going to the theatres. As a result, movie streaming apps and websites have increased a lot in the past few years. Streaming movies with popcorn in your hand with your loved ones sure sounds relaxing.

However, there are many things you need to keep in mind. You might find a lot of websites available online. However, all of them are not as good as you think and come with a lot of risks. Visiting the wrong website can make your device vulnerable to many risks. So, you will need to choose very wisely.

Don't worry, we will help you find out some of the best signs to detect websites that are not legit.

Although there are plenty of signs available that can help you find out the truth about the website, we have picked the best ones. Here are the 8 signs that you need to keep in mind while choosing a website for movie streaming.

1.     Too Many Unnecessary Ads

While using movie streaming websites, you will come across a lot of ads. While getting some ads is good that supports the website to earn revenue, having too many ads is suspicious. If you get too many ads with links and click on them opens a new tab with suspicious websites, it might signify that the website is harmful and not legit.

2.     Providing Free Stuffs

If you enter a website and find out that there are plenty of free stuff giveaway links given, it might be a sign that you need to leave. They are mostly given to attract the users and make them click on these ads. Clicking on them will redirect you to some sketchy websites and provide you with the best experience. Websites like anime suge and others do not provide such links on their websites.

3.     Weird Domain Address

Another thing that you will need to check while choosing the website is the domain name. If the domain name of the website is weird, it is better to think twice before using it. Most of the websites with weird domain names are known to be harmful. Therefore, it is better to search for other similar websites.

Top 8 Signs To Detect Websites That Are Not Legit
Top 8 Signs To Detect Websites That Are Not Legit 

4.     Antivirus Detected Threat

Just after opening the website in a tab, if the antivirus detects a threat to harmful properties, it might not be a legit website. It is best to leave the website immediately to avoid any loss. The virus from the website can corrupt your device and make it hard for you to get access to the data. So, if you get any alerts, make sure to close the website and go back to safety.

5.     Movies Listed That Are Still In Theatre

One of the common signs you need to look out for when using a movie streaming website is movie listings. For example, if the movie streaming website provides you the option to see different movies that are still running in the theatre, there might be something wrong with the website.

It means either the website is pirating the films even before they are released in the theatre or getting the leaked version. Both are illegal and serious issues that you need to know before watching the movies.

6.     Goes Down Frequently

Most of the time, when you open some movie streaming websites, you might find them down. But have you ever wondered why they are down so often? Even if the message says, “We are under maintenance,” is it the correct answer?

No, most websites are not accessible when their domain is blocked. They keep changing domains from time to time to stay safe. So, if the website is down and you are unable to stream movies, it might be due to different reasons.

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7.     Banned In Your Region

If a movie streaming website is banned in your region, it means there are plenty of things wrong with the website. The government bans movie streaming websites for different reasons, but the most common is piracy. If the website contains copyright content without permission, it is a very serious crime. In addition, piracy makes it hard for moviemakers and producers to earn a profit. So, if a movie streaming website is banned in your region, it might be due to a copyright issue, which is not legit.

8.     Wrong Movie Titles

There are many movie streaming websites available on the internet that provide wrong information to attract users. For example, they claim to have the full upcoming movie from a leak, but you will find a different movie when you enter the website and start watching. Titles are the same, but the content is not; it is one of the most common red flags to leave the website.


You can go through this article to find out the best 8 signs to know a streaming movie site isn't legal. Make sure to check the details and apply them when watching movies. If you like this article, make sure to share it with others to help them get a very good experience.

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