The 5 things About Marketing Translation Services You Must Know

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January 4th, 2023


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Translation of the material and effective marketing messaging that takes into consideration the cultural preferences of the target audiences are essential for achieving marketing objectives. Because understanding how to sell items is one of the prerequisites of a marketing translation service, the marketing translator should also be a copywriter. Additionally, the marketing translator has to be comfortable with a range of writing styles. The procedure takes into account how to appropriately modify the language and style to meet the local culture, therefore the translator must also be familiar with that region's particular culture.

Marketers must understand what marketing translation is and how it works. To guarantee that the marketing message is culturally and linguistically acceptable for all target consumers, you must use a professional translation company with vast expertise in marketing translation services.

Things You Should Know About Marketing Translation

Marketing translation is necessary for every company that sells its brands abroad to connect with clients who can speak with them directly.

All marketing-related information, including social media postings, video scripts, product descriptions, and copy for print and broadcast materials, must be translated as part of the process. However, as there are additional variables to take into account while undertaking marketing translation, this necessitates a more sophisticated translation as opposed to a direct translation.

Things You Should Know About Marketing Translation
Things You Should Know About Marketing Translation

1. Direct translation differs from marketing translation

More than only the target language is used in a translator's marketing translation process. The translator must decide whether to provide the same marketing message in the languages that the consumer demands.

The marketing collateral is thoughtfully created to fit the brand, taking into account how the brand appeals to its target market. When the content is used in other countries, the marketing message may or may not resonate with the target audience there.

Therefore, the translator must be mindful of how other consumers from various nations would see the brand. Marketing tactics ensure that the brand is seen by as many people as possible in all settings, thus it is essential that it not insult someone from a different culture.

2. It must adjust to the cultural setting of the area.

It is ideal for the marketing translator to reside in the target nation to completely comprehend the local way of life. Cultural variations are a factor in this situation. Certain words, idiomatic phrases, and visual elements need to be taken into account. The reason for this is that some terms do not have exact equivalents in other languages. Additionally, the target culture may not accept certain facial expressions and body language. The local attractiveness of the marketing translation necessitates that the translator takes the cultural ramifications of the marketing text into account.

3. Idioms are reliant on culture

In addition to point #2, advertising and marketing text frequently use metaphors and idioms. However, audiences in a certain region, often the nation where the products are utilized, understand and accept these. These, however, frequently don't transfer well and could even present issues when employed in other nations. With comedy, the same is true.

The significance of dealing with a translation agency that specialised in marketing translation is demonstrated by this fact. When translating marketing information into the necessary languages, a skilled translator will take into account cultural preferences rather than translating it word-for-word and will instead take the intended audience into account when adjusting references. Even if the translation may not exactly match the original, the content will remain the same. The translator will nonetheless produce engaging and persuasive text in a different language.

4. Translation of marketing takes time.

Marketing translation cannot be done in a hurry. The translator must give careful thought to the subtleties and ambiguities of the source material. The taglines and headlines of the original material should also be studied by the writer since they are crucial to marketing because they are the first things that readers and before reading the rest of the marketing material, viewers notice. A lot of readers just read the taglines and headlines of advertisements, and other readers will only read the body copy of advertising if the title piques their interest.

Both the customer and the translator need to be in constant communication and understand what is expected of them. The translator should take into account all the specifics and draw attention to any cultural differences that could have an impact on the final translation. The customer should be clear about their expectations.

5. Consider utilizing universal symbols

This one is mainly geared toward customers, although translators could find it useful as well. Using universal symbols that are understood by everyone eliminates the need for translation. You can follow local laws.

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