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Online pdf editor free What's best? For users who pursue efficient office work, a pdf editor is a must-have tool. Today, I will be honored to recommend the PDF editor provided by the AbcdPDF platform. Using online pdf editing can help you easily process PDF files. You will feel Getting to the office has never been easier.

About us

Overview is an online editing product that we promote, in which an online pdf editor can easily and quickly realize pdf document editing and more practical functions. We created this platform because we found that many users were at a loss when faced with pdfs and could not make any edits to the content of the document in this format. At this point, the online editing solution we provide will perfectly solve the above problems, and all online tools on the platform are free, and we are committed to creating a multi-functional pdf editor.

Feature of product

General online pdf editors require users to install the program locally or install it through a browser. In addition to the possible risks to your computer, these two methods will also take up a lot of memory, and most pdf editing software needs to be paid for. The Abcd pdf editor can directly skip the complicated installation process and achieve the purpose of editing pdf documents through online access through the browser.

Another hand, the online pdf editor has very complete functions and supports users to edit, annotate, delete, add image tags and other routine operations on the pdf content. You can also edit, format, compress, etc. pdfs on the platform if you need them, and access those files in the cloud when you need them.

As far as the current security issues of the product are concerned, Abcd PDF attaches great importance to document security and data privacy. All uploaded files are stored in the user's local browser, not in our cloud server. In order to process your file, we will call our algorithm server. Therefore, your files are isolated from our servers and safe on your local computer.

Certified Data CenterAbcd PDF only works with secure and highly trusted cloud service providers and data centers that are ISO 27001 (Information Security Standard) certified.
Data isolationAbcd PDF keeps user data isolated, which means each conversion is performed in a separate environment. Therefore, only you can access your file, no other third parties including the Abcd PDF team can access it.
Secure CommunicationYour data is protected from theft, alteration or transfer. All communication between your web browser, our servers and the conversion host takes place over a secure channel protected by state-of-the-art TLS encryption and HSTS web security policy enabled.
Security Strategy

What are the features of Abcd PDF?

We made sure to capture all the functionality you might need to process a PDF document for business or personal purposes. All the tools you might need are in one place, and you can even find all the documents you've already converted in the past.

ABCD PDF was created to provide premium PDF editing tools - without expensive software licenses or unnecessary desktop applications. Abcd PDF allows you to edit, convert, compress, and add text to PDF files right in your browser and access these files via the cloud when needed.

Online PDF Editor can add text, images, shapes or hand-drawn annotations to PDF documents. Abcd PDF is an all-in-one online platform dedicated to efficiently solving the needs of users around the world.

The following is an introduction to the functions of the AbcdPDF platform. It is not only used as an online pdf editor but also supports conversion, merging, splitting and other functions for many common office software.

PDF EditorMerge PDFsCompress PDFSplit PDFPDF to Word
HTML to PDFProtect PDFUnlock PDFWatermarkPage Number
Remove pagesSave as PDFSign PDFPDF to DOCXODT to PDF
DOCX to PDFDOC to PDFCombine PDFPDFConverter 
Collection of PDF editing, converting, merging, splitting, adding watermark tools

In addition, it also supports reading and online editing of Word, Excel, PPT and other tools, and its functions are far beyond your imagination.

Word editorWordcreateWord ViewerExcel editorExcel create
Excel ViewerPPT EditorPPT to createPowerpoint Viewer 
Collection of online office tools

Online PDF Editor-How to use

Importing files

The first step is to open the Abcd PDF online platform, click the "PDF Editor" tool, and the page starts to jump.

Online PDF Editor-How to use
Online PDF Editor-How to use

The second step is to upload the PDF document.

Online PDF Editor - Efficiently Edit PDFs

The third step, wait for 100% upload, then click "Edit PDF".

Online PDF Editor - Efficiently Edit PDFs

The fourth step, edit the PDF, add text, pictures, shapes or hand drawings to the PDF document.

The toolbar is located at the top of the page, divided into "Text", "Eraser", "Redact", "Highlight", "Image", "Draw", and "Sign", users use these functions to realize comments or add text, pictures, symbols, and eliminate text, learn more about how to do it below.

Online PDF Editor - Efficiently Edit PDFs

Let's start with a detailed introduction to the role of each editing tool, please refer to:

Function NameEffect
TextThis function can display the text at the top of the layer, and from the small menu bar, you can also edit the text transparency, color, bold, underline, background color, and size.
EraserClick the left button of the mouse and drag it to the bottom and right, and a quadrilateral frame will appear, which is used to cover the top layer information of the text with a white area.
RedactSmear out the top information of the layer with the black area.
HighlightDrag the quadrilateral area to put a light yellow on top of the layer to emphasize the text.
ImageAfter clicking, you can select a local picture, and then freely drag it to the desired position.
DrawChoose brushes of different colors and thicknesses to paint freely on the top layer, you need to determine the selection first.
SignCreate a window for writing signatures and symbols, edit the text and drag and drop it to the desired location.

Step 5: Open the preview and click "Save".

Online PDF Editor - Efficiently Edit PDFs

After finishing the PDF editing, you can download the file for free or share it with others by choosing social tools.

Online PDF Editor - Efficiently Edit PDFs

Online PDF Editor - Is there an app?

Currently, AbcdPDF is currently available on Google Play. Android phone users can find "Google Play" under "Applications" in the lower right corner of the homepage, click to access the Google Play page where AbcdPDF is located, and then click "Install".

The following is the Abcd PDF APK interface display.

Online PDF Editor - Efficiently Edit PDFs

Below is the location of the mobile version of Online PDF Editor.

Online PDF Editor - Efficiently Edit PDFs

AbcdPDF -Premium Service Introduction

For ordinary users, the AbcdPDF Free version is enough, but we also bring two other options for companies or business groups: "Premium" and "Business" versions of the service, which will make your AbcdPDF freer to use, without content restrictions.

Here's a comparison between their price points and available memory :

Online PDF Editor - Efficiently Edit PDFs
Abcd PDF -Premium Service Introduction

Final words:

What online pdf editor is best This article introduces you to the Free online PDF editor on the AbcdPDF platform. I believe you already have a certain understanding of its multifunctional advantages and how to use it. Using Online PDF Editor is the best solution for you to process PDF files. You can process PDF files online without installing any plug-ins, and even save the time of registration and login. Any user is welcome to use the online PDF editing and other services provided by our platform for free.

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