BET SLUMBUR Introduces Groundbreaking Noise-Reducing Earplugs on Kickstarter: A Leap Forward in Auditory Health

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March 20th, 2024


Last updated on : March 20th, 2024 by R Yadav

In a significant advancement for noise reduction technology and hearing protection, BET SLUMBUR is proud to unveil its latest innovation through a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign. This initiative aims to bring to market a new class of earplugs that offer unparalleled noise reduction capabilities, leveraging the fusion of Helmholtz theory and advanced microcrystal technology. With its patented Honeycomb Microporous Crystal Filter design, BET SLUMBUR is redefining industry standards for authentic noise reduction and ear health protection.

Specialized Earplugs for Every Need

At the heart of BET SLUMBUR's pioneering efforts lies the advanced Honeycomb Microporous Crystal Filter, a testament to meticulous engineering and cutting-edge technology. Constructed from 99.99% pure crystal and designed with more than 100,000 nano through-holes, this filter forms a formidable honeycomb network structure. It boasts an impressive Noise Reduction Rating (NRR) of 19 decibels and Signal-Noise Ratio (SNR) of 32 decibels, positioning it as an effective defense against environmental noise pollution while maintaining sound fidelity.

Acknowledging the diverse scenarios where noise reduction plays a vital role, BET SLUMBUR has developed three specialized types of earplugs: Sleep, Lifestyle, and Music. The Sleep Type caters specifically to individuals longing for relief from nighttime noise intrusions, promising undisturbed rest even next to the most vigorous snorers. The Lifestyle Type is tailored for everyday use, providing peace in environments marred by noise pollution. Finally, the Music Type is engineered to safeguard the hearing of concert-goers and festival enthusiasts, enabling them to safely revel in live performances.

Supporting BET SLUMBUR's Kickstarter initiative transcends the mere acquisition of earplugs; it symbolizes a commitment to preserving auditory health while ensuring comfort. Early backers are not just investors but become integral members of the BET SLUMBUR community. Early supporters gain exclusive access to these innovative earplugs, benefiting from:

Why Support BET SLUMBUR on Kickstarter?

1. "The goal is really to bring our most loyal customers into our shareholder base," said BET SLUMBUR. "We really see this as a marketing effort to connect with our community."

2. Advantageous early bird pricing, offering substantial savings. A chance to be the first to experience the cutting-edge Honeycomb Microporous Crystal Filter technology.

3. Supporting a product that blends scientific innovation with practical application, contributing to wider availability and awareness of hearing protection solutions.

BET SLUMBUR transcends the realm of mere noise cancellation, achieving excellence in both comfort and ecological stewardship. These earplugs are ingeniously designed to equalize ear pressure within a mere 15 seconds, effectively eliminating the typical discomfort associated with conventional earplugs, and are sufficiently lightweight for wear throughout the entire day. Demonstrating a profound commitment to sustainability, BET SLUMBUR introduces washable and reusable silicone ear tips available in four sizes—S, M, L, XL—to guarantee a snug, environmentally conscious fit.

BET SLUMBUR invites everyone to participate in its Kickstarter campaign, contributing to a future where noise reduction and hearing protection are accessible to all. By supporting BET SLUMBUR, backers not only get an early stake in the latest in earplug technology but also join a community dedicated to improving the quality of life through enhanced auditory health.

For more information on BET SLUMBUR and to back this groundbreaking project, visit Kickstarter:

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Dedicated to pioneering advancements in adaptive real noise reduction technology for earplugs, BET SLUMBUR holds the exclusive patent for the innovative 'Honeycomb Microporous Crystal Filter.' This proprietary technology enables the delivery of consistent, real noise reduction solutions tailored to specific target noise environments, setting a new standard in auditory protection and comfort.

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